Reel-to-Reel Tape Deck Sales

As of May 2020, we are literally selling decks faster than we can get them refurbished, so we aren’t listing them on the site at this point.  Below is a sampling of what we typically have in stock that is requiring work. Some will be parts decks, but most will be for sale.  In a typical month we get in as many as 20 new decks, therefore this  list is always changing.

We do have some decks on Reverb, but we always check our emails first for people wanting decks before we list them there.  So it’s best to email us with what you’re looking for in a reel to reel, with as much detail as possible. We can then offer you a selection of decks that will best suit your needs.

For example:

– 7 or 10” reels

– auto reverse

– 1/4 track, ½ track or multitrack

– how important are cosmetics

– budget

Email us your wishlist at


(2)  Revox B77 II
(2)  Teac A-7300
Sony TC-788-4
(2) Sony TC 854-4
Sony TC-580
(3) Sony TC-765
Sony TC-440
Sony TC-330
Teac C-5300
Berlant Concertone tube mono 10.5″ unit
(2)  Ampex ATR-700
Teac A-4010S
Ampex AX-50
Akai X2000SD
Akai GX-77
Akai X-1800SD
(2) Akai GX-280DSS
Akai X-300
Akai 4000D
Akai 4000DB
(2) Tandberg 64
Tandberg 41
Tandberg Series 12
(2) Beocord 2000 Deluxe- parts units only
Tandberg X10
Tandberg 20
Tandberg 1000
Teac A2340R
Ampex ATR104
(3) Ampex ATR 102
Denon 601 (rare!)
Studer A80 2″ 16 track
Studer A80 2″ 24 track
Tascam 38
Otari 5050 4 track
(2) Akai GX630DSS
Crown 800
(2) Crown 700
Teac A-6600
Pioneer RTU-11 transport only
Akai GX-221D
Sony TC-580
Dokorder 1140
Akai 1730 DSS
Sony TC788-4
Studer A810
Studer A807
Akai GX630DB
Teac 3340