How To Straighten Bent Reel Table Spindles

spindle straigtening

Here’s a quick and dirty trick that works wonders for most bent reel spindles that I’ve used for years without breaking one.

  • Tools needed: Crescent Wrench

Case in point here is an Akai GX230 that was sent in for a general servicing, and despite being double boxed, there wasn’t enough clearance between the reel table and the outer box, resulting in a badly bent spindle.

The fix is simple, and works on most decks. Use a standard size crescent wrench and place it vertically over the bent spindle section, and hand tighten. Bend the spindle back in the direction needed. GENTLY BUT FIRMLY. It will probably take a few tries to get the spindle straight again, and make absolutely sure that you’re putting pressure on the crescent wrench in exactly the opposite direction of the bend.

Don’t place the  crescent wrench over the reel table portion of the trident, as it always remains straight. Only put the wrench over the movable plastic or metal portion of the spindle, and bend it back into place. Take the crescent wrench off the spindle multiple times, and hit FF or REW, so you can see how true the spindle is. Repeat as necessary until completely straight, and you’re done!

We’ve done this successfully with many makes and models of reel table spindles, on everything from 5” to 10.5” studio decks.

The Revox centre screws used to hold the plastic or metal trident appear to be a bit more brittle than other brands, so those could snap. Fortunately in our ‘shop’ section of the website sells new screws and plastic or metal spindles, so with Revox/Studer, it’s probably better to replace the whole trident section (or entire reel table  if they are worn).