A collection of photos & accolades sent to us by friends & customers from around the globe!



Email received from Adam re the sale of  of a Technics 1500 deck.

Curt, simply Thank you! I want to thank you for the service and quality of product that you sent me.  I am very happy with everything.  Such a better experience then previous attempts with locating a quality deck.  If you need a reference feel free to pass along my number or email.



Very cool message from Tom…

 Hi, Curt – This is one of your machines – thank you! Tom



Read what Walter from “down under” has to say!

Hi Curt,

I wanted to let you know these awesome reels arrived safely today and say a big THANK YOU!

Here’s a couple of pics of my set ups with the reels on them and seriously I do love the “prestige” look that these have given my R2R players.

Pics in order below:

  • Sony TC-330 – this is a WIP, not currently working but I have a good friend (Peter)  who loves fixing reel to reels, a bit like yourself. It has a Cassette deck on it also.
    • Feel free to critique, not sure how valued these are, I got it for $25 (maybe its junk?) but I just liked the look of a deck style with a cassette built in, so it’s a showpiece, nothing more at present

AKAI X-201D – this is my working R2R – I do love to listen to this one, such a beautiful warm sound and its hooked up to my Pioneer Hi-Fi and 2 x big floor standing JAMO 355 speakers with 2 x smaller Pioneer speakers S-55X mounted on the wall up high to create a “wall of sound” ! LOL

    • Listening to original Abbey Road reel this week and the sound is just amazing, I put it on a par with the current 2019 remaster – personally I think its clearer, warmer and sounds as nature intended.

  • Sharp – this is just a showpiece also – got this one for free. It doesn’t even have a model number on it , so not sure if any good or just “junk” etc. I’ll keep it as a showpiece for present. Feel free to add your critique.
    • My mate Peter will check this one out for me after the Sony analysis ! LOL.

  • Thanks for the gorgeous boxes that the reels came in also. Fourth pic below. Love they are colour coded too ! Definitely a keep sake.

Curt, I will be back again, Likely I will buy a few more reels from you as these are fantastic, really happy with them.

Question – Do you ever get old plastic reels with the cool names on them like BASF, Phillips, CBS etc?

If you ever do I would be happy to buy some of these from you.

Also any other old style kit like plastic reel to reel boxes ( I recall BASF had a grey plastic one and one end of it would be white plastic and flip out to pull the tape out of it etc.

Any other paraphernalia like original tool kits, splice kits etc etc….would love to get my hands on too !

I remember years ago my Dad and older brother Tony had all this original BASF gear for their decks, but who knows where it went.

My Dad has passed and my older Brother is 80 !. I’m 61 now and sort of fell in love with R2R at an early age from watching them but I never lost the interest.

I think Covid lockdown really gave me time to reignite the interest and I’m fortunate enough to continue to work from home for my employer and so it’s a WIN-WIN.

Anyways great to meet, I will keep in touch and thanks so much for being available on Christmas and Boxing Day. So good to find real enthusiasts like yourself.


Best regards



An update from Craig….

Subject:  recent purchase
I just wanted to let you know that I’m loving the reel-to-reel! Attached is a picture of it in its new home. I’m running it through a McIntosh Mac 1900 and JBL 100s, staying true to the vintage vibe. (I have four systems, but this deck is in the vintage setup.)
Thank you for everything!



A nice email from Mike who lives in Seattle…who purchased a Teac A-4300 deck

Hey, Curt. Just a follow-up. I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent with me yesterday teaching me what I need to know about using the deck and the things to watch out for with different types of tape. It was worth double the price of the deck itself!

I got home and put on an old unmarked tape and found a treasure that almost brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure my whole extended family will have a similar experience once I share it. I hope you can find some joy in knowing you’ve not only blessed me but a whole tribe and, potentially, their descendants.

Thanks again. Now, I’m off to get all my digitization stuff set up. 😉

Sincerely. Mike

Kudos from a Reverb Customer!

Sale of a Teac A-2300

Hey Curt – one final message. I’ve been running the TEAC through its paces and really it’s everything that I wanted when I placed the order. Thanks again very much for the user manual and additional guidance as well! I had a conversation earlier tonight with a buddy who was aware of my purchase and asked for a referral.

Best wishes for your business going forward!

– Brian


Repairs to a Teac A-1250 reel to reel.

From Al

Hi Curt,

They delivered my tape deck this morning.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  So far everything works!

It sounds beautiful.  It’s also noticeably quieter.  I think adjusting the reel table helped with that.

I am thrilled with the results and grateful for having found you guys.

Thanks again,



Recent email from Ben re his Tascam TSR-8

I also have attached a photo to this email of my current
studio set up. I figured you might enjoy to see a deck you serviced in its


Our black reels on a Teac X2000R!

For repairs to a Tascam TSR-8   eight track recorder.

I finally just started messing around with the deck and all I have to say is wow! It brought me a lot of joy to finally record and playback some recorded material. You did an outstanding job and I am grateful for your services. I am happy the deck got to see a professional and is back to its proper functioning state. Everything is tuned up really well and the reel to reel is running very smoothly. And the felt pads were the cherry on top, I was very impressed to see that attention to detail. By the way, thanks for the cool mug!


Just wanted to follow up with some feedback on the Revox now that I’ve had it installed and running for about a week.  What a dramatic change in my reel to reel experience.  This is my 4th Revox (3 A77’s prior) having started into R2R’s this year.  Every machine I’ve received before the B77 you sent me has been a basket-case, ranging from shipping damage to all manner of operational issues big & small.
What a nice and comforting experience to receive the tape deck from you perfectly serviced, refurbed and aligned.  Couldn’t be happier and thanks for the mug and reel!
Everyone should buy an open reel tape deck from you if for no other reason that to marvel at the packing job.  You can always tell a real pro from the outer box progressing on in to the machine itself.


Revox B77 Mk. II received and running

Recent email from Will re  his purchase of the Akai GX636 …

“Attaching a pic of your handiwork in its new home.   Love the deck”


Sale of Revox A77 deck – David hysterically advises he’s now ruined by the Revox deck….
—–Original Message—–
From: David
Sent: June 16, 2022 12:46 PM
Subject: Revox
I hate you now.
I was loving my Sansui decks until this … this … beautiful thing appeared in my house. Now I can only use it, both my other decks are covered up for now. I’m just ruined for this.
Just ruined now… nothing could have could have prepared me for this. I guess I’ll probably end up buying another one because they’re like chicken nuggets… I can always have another.

 Lenetta writes…….

Subject: RE: Reel To Reel Tech “repair service”

Curt, thanks for the so-far excellent repair job you’ve done on my TEAC X-1000R reel-to-reel. It was packed very well and made through shipping fast and with no damage. So far, I’ve only tested playback in forward and reverse for a few minutes but tomorrow I’ll test it some more. Seems great so far. Thanks again.

Email from Darryl who recently sent in two decks for repair…..

Hey Curt I’ve received both Reels no damage. They are up and running, job well done 👍🏽

Thank You for the excellent service!

Re: 5″ red reels – a happy customer from France!

photo of the reels mounted on a Stellavox SP8

Email received from Laurent  after receiving a pair of 5 inch red reels we shipped to France…

Hello Curt,

I received the reels this morning, thank you for having them so well protected for transport.

I am very impressed with the quality and attention to detail. There’s even a slot in the metal hub to block the magnetic tape! Something very useful and usually not found on other models of 5 inch metal reels.

Best regards,

Re: Revox A-77

Hi Curt,
Great news. Thank you for your good work, and I appreciate you reminding me about the takeup reel you had included in the box.
It’s been a real positive boost doing business with you these past few months. Since my wife’s passing 4 months ago, I now have something very satisfying to look forward to with these upgraded decks. Music is nourishment for my soul.
Take care,

 RE: Teac X3

Hi Curt,

I had no problems at all picking up the tape deck.  I just wanted to tell you that I am absolutely blown away by the quality and care of your work on this deck!  It is just pristine, and it sounds great.  I am going to have a lot of fun listening to tapes I haven’t heard in years as I digitize them.  Feel free to use my comment about the deck in any advertising you do.  I will be passing your information on to several friends of mine who may be in the market for a similar deck. Thanks again for bringing it down to Blaine for me.

Take care,

Stunning hubs and reels front and centre!!

Hi Curt,

Just received the package. Here is a photo of the business end of my home theatre. Your hubs and reels prominently on display.

Thanks again,

Recently received from Simon in the UK re our coloured reels!

Hello Curt,

Just one quick pic (see attachment) of your very fine reels in situ.


Ulysses on his Studer A810 rebuild

Good afternoon Mr. Palme,

I just arrived from Redmond this morning, machine is up and running. No issues at all. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and patient in maintaining my machine. Until next time.

Best regards,

From Will who writes after receiving his Akai GX635 RTR deck.

Thanks Curt!

I fired it up last night.  Works great.  My son asked if it was brand new.  Thanks for picking out such a cosmetic gem. I am sure we’ll talk again and if you need a reference on your work, drop me a line.

Email just received from Evan re his recently purchased Tascam TSR-8

Hey Curt !

I have set up this lovely little machine in the studio and it’s fitting in nicely ! Excited to put it to work and record some tracks hot to tape :)) Thanks for your advice and time!



Wow!  Beautiful artsy video from Bob… check it out!

Bob writes “Finally got around to doing a short funky video of the TEAC A3440 deck you sold me. It also shows how the wall mount works.”


Email just received from Al…..

Subject: Re: Revox A77


Got the tapes today! Did a quick recording and connected it to my sound system…thank you very much!

Here is a fun pic I took with my iPhone.




Subject: AWESOME!!!!
Curt –
The Akai showed up this morning in perfect shape. I got my system set up and plugged in at 11:57 tonight so was able to throw the switch right at midnight.
Been playing ELO tonight – LOUD. I’ve already blown two fuses…😬
Thanks again, you don’t know how much I’ve needed some serious aural therapy.