Reel-to-Reel Service

We service all makes and models of reel to reel tape recorders, ranging from 1950 mono tube machines to the last generation 2” 24 track studio decks. We have 30 years of experience servicing reel to reels and other vintage audio equipment, and have all the necessary tools and test equipment to bring your machine back to life. Among our test equipment and tools are:

  • Nakamichi T-100 tape deck analyzer, SoundTech 1510A tape analyzer
  • SoundTech 1700B distortion analyzer
  • MRL and Ampex test and alignment tapes, ¼” to 2”, various nW calibrations
  • Tentelometer
  • Stroboscopic test tape for speed accuracy
  • Assorted spring gauges
  • The PROPER Allen and hex keys so that no screws get stripped!
  • Audio Control real time analyzer

Amongst the services that we offer, and service we do to every machine through our shop:

  • Visual inspection of all facets of the deck
  • Immediate replacement of any belts used in the deck
  • Audio test of play and record functions
  • Test of FF, REW and all other transport functions
  • Speed test via strobe tape
  • Cleaning of all switches and controls with DeOxIt
  • Disassembly of sleeve bearings to clean out hardened white grease used in many decks
  • Checking of head wear, realignment if required with MRL test tapes
  • Brake adjustment and testing
  • Adjustment of tape tension if required
  • Repair of electronics circuits
  • Audio path testing, frequency response confirmation via spectrum analyzer
  • Entire tape transport test, before and after servicing
  • Replacement of burned out dial and VU meter lights
  • Bias and eq calibration to the tape brand and type of your choice
  • Complete test of deck after service and repair work, for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure long term reliability.