Tascam Series 70

Here’s a nice semi pro Tascam deck, the early 1970s Series 70. We actually have a couple of these decks in stock, all are ½” 4 track, with 7 ½ and 15 IPS speeds. With double the tape width of a ¼” deck per track, you can get that really ‘PHAT’ sound out of drums or your overall mix. The transport is very simple and easy to maintain. We’ve cleaned the pinch roller and brake sleeve bearings that were sticking, and cleaned all controls.

There’s a lovely 50-100Hz rise for a nice deep bass sound that you can only get off analog tape. Channels work fine, the heads are in excellent condition, and the frequency response is flat past 20Khz at 15 IPS. Note that this deck is too heavy to send via courier, it will need to get strapped to a pallet and shipped via truck.  Included are the original Tascam NAB hubs and a ½” metal takeup reel.


$800 USD/$1000 CDN