Service Referrals

Here’s a very partial list of people and companies that we know to work on reel to reel tape decks. We have not met the techs behind the majority of these referrals, but have communicated with them through various reel to reel groups. We cannot therefore vouch for their workmanship, and we encourage feedback through our site here, so we can keep this list up to date.

Reel-to-Reel Parts & Service

Digikey capacitors, resistors
Mouser capacitors, resistors
Terrys Rubber Rollers Sparta, MI pinch roller and idler wheel rebuilding
SMI Electronics Langley, BC cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol
Reel Pro Sound Harlowton, MT
Oak Tree Vintage Colorado Springs, CO RTR parts & service
Hi-Fi Engine free owner/service manuals
Analog Rules schematics & manuals by donation
Vintage Texas TX RTR parts & service
Service Sound UK British reel-to-reel repairs
Sound-Smith Peekskill, NY Tandberg parts & service
Innovative Audio Surrey, BC Canadas largest vintage audio store
JRF Magnetics NJ tape head relapping & supplies


Mark Bischoff Los Angeles, CA all R2R makes, CD, cassette & other vintage audio
Jesse Acorn Edmonton, AB hobbiest technician
Leon Ament Montreal, PQ authorized Teac, Tascam, Revox Service
Hielko Meijer Netherlands R2R repairs
Chris Church Toronto, Ontario Reel to reel tech, other vintage audio equipment. Tube guitar amps are his specialty.
Cliff Schecht, Reclaimed Audio Unit C  220 E 4th St., Taylor, TX Service tech and reseller of all things vintage audio, including tube amplifiers
Shane Fritsch Australia Analog tape delay parts & repairs. Roland, Korg, Echoplex, etc
Chris Mara Nashville, TN MCI tape deck hot-rodding and repair.
Jim Finch Los Angeles, CA Tascam multitrack and digital recorders. Tascam trained
Paul Baldwin UK RTR and studio equipment service
Thomas McGuire NY RTR and studio equipment service
Allen Ventner Northeast London, UK Pro & consumer reel-to-reel service, motor rebuilding, custom part manufacturing.
Iain Betson Derby, UK Pro reel service, Revox, Otari, Studer, etc
Action Electronics Willimasberg, VA Pro & consumer reel-to-reel service

Technicians, Pro/Studio only

Adrian Pro Audio Canoga Park, CA pro audio & RTR repairs
Eddie Ciletti MN studio tech
Bob Shuster New York, NY analog studio tech
Audio Rehab Los Angeles, CA studio & RTR repairs
Tech Shops Melbourne, AU studio & RTR repairs

Analog to digital duplication services

Jamie Anstey Vancouver, BC
Jeff Gardner Indianapolis, IN
Jim Finch Los Angeles, CA
Arjan Rietvink NL

Audiophile Reel to Reel Tape

Carlo Dellepiane

Misc RTR websites

If you would like to be added to this list with regards to reel to reel parts, tech support, or related equipment or services, please email us with what you are offering along with some contact information, and we’ll put it on the website.