Reel-to-Reel Tape Sales

Below you will find a spread sheet of the ATR tapes that we currently carry in stock. ATR does make other models and sizes that we can get in as demand increases. If you don’t see the tape style that you’re looking for, please email us for a price. Delivery on new ATR tape to us is typically 2 weeks, plus whatever time it takes to send them to you.

Note to our US and Canadian customers: We have listed pricing in both US and Canadian dollars. For our US buyers, since we are a Canadian company, there is no state or federal tax on tape being shipped within the US. To our Canadian customers, we do need to charge PST, GST or HST as required.

We ship USPS or Canada Post, or if you have an account with a courier and want to arrange shipping, you can email us a shipping label if you’d like.

Note also that we are now carrying our own  ¼ “ 10.5” metal takeup reels, listed separately below. Our takeup reels look like a stock Ampex 456 reel from the 1990s, and come in a sturdy white cardboard box. The reels have no markings on them, so they are super clean looking, or you can make up your own stickers to apply as desired. By purchasing ATR pancakes and using our own custom made reels, we can save you about $5.00 USD/$7.00 CDN per roll of 10” tape. We can custom order in the ATR reels if you’d like, please email us.

½” width tape can be ordered in pancake form if you have a bunch of ½” reels with old SSS tape, save some money and buy the 1/2” pancakes. It takes about 3 minutes to unscrew the metal flanges from the old tape. Throw that old tape out, and bolt the flanges onto the new ½” pancake. Easy, peasy!

Pancakes are not available for 1 or 2” tape, so those can only be purchased with new ATR metal reels.

We ship out a minimum of once a week, and pickup at our shop in Langley BC can be done at no charge.

Please note that the Canadian pricing is contingent with the fluctuating USD, and therefore subject to change from the stated prices below. Please contact us to confirm.

Pricing (on the types I carry):

Tape Model Tape Width (Inches) Tape Length (Feet)
Tape Length (Meters) Reel Diameter (Inches) Reel Type or Pancake Box Type US $ CDN $
MDS-36 .25 1800 549 7 Plastic Reel Cardboard Box 29.95 43.50
.25 3600 1098 10.5 Pancake 38.00 55.00
.25 2500 762 10.5 Pancake 41.00 60.00
.25 3600 1098 10.5 Metal Reel Cardboard Box 62.00 100.00
.25 2500 762 10.5 Metal Reel Cardboard Box 68.00 105.00
.50 2500 762 10.5 Pancake 77.00 115.00
.50 2500 762 10.5 Metal Reel Plastic Box 119.00 175.00
1.00 2500 762 10.5 Metal Reel Plastic Box 179.00 260.00
2.00 2500 762 10.5 Metal Reel Plastic Box 345.00 500.00



Need to place an order?  Email us at


         Brand new 10.5” metal reels in SEXY red!

For ¼” tape, but the flanges can be taken off and put onto other tape widths as well.

Brand new !!!

150 in stock !!!

Includes new cardboard box that can be written on

  $32 USD each  /  $43 CDN each

Discounts on quantities of 10 or more.



Reel to Reel Tech  new custom built empty 10.5” metal takeup reels with heavy duty white storage box 


 $31 USD   /    $42 CDN

Coming soon (April 2020 estimated) –  Colored 10.5” metal takeup reels in red!

Empty used plastic 5″  or 7” takeup reels w/o box (with a box if we have stock):     $1.00 USD, $1.50 CDN each

Read our article on common Tape Problems here



1/4″  x  54’  foil sensing tape for auto reverse reel to reel decks.

**Note that this is twice the length of the 26’ rolls sold by ATR Magnetics**

 $26 USD   /    $40 CDN



1/4″  x  500’ white leader tape. Should be enough to last a typical lifetime!


 $14 USD   /    $20 CDN  per roll


  • No sales tax charged to US clients due to Sound Solutions being a Canadian company
  • Canadian clients need to add the appropriate provincial and federal taxes to the tape pricing
  • US orders ship out once a week from Blaine, Wa, 98230
  • To place a tape order, please email us at
  • We accept all major credit cards, Canadian etransfers or Paypal to