February 2018 Update:

With the massive increase of reel to reel business in the last few months, we are selling reel to reel tape decks almost as quickly as they are up and running and for sale. As a result, we have decided not to list individual decks for sale here in this section, as it makes no sense to spend the time putting together a listing, only to delete it within a few days when it is sold.

Instead, we are listing most of our reel to reel decks on, a much more user friendly site with less hoops to jump through compared to what eBay has now become. We also list newly refurbished decks on our Facebook page:

The best way to purchase a deck is to email us directly at, as we usually have 100 decks in stock, ranging from entry level $100 machines to $5,000+ multitrack studio recorders. If you want to buy a deck with the extra protection of a third party website like Reverb, feel free to purchase a deck through there, and we can custom list a deck there for you as well.