We are authorized dealers for RMGi/Pyral tape, made in France. RMGi makes many different styles of tape, in length and width, so we took a careful look, and did an informal poll of what our clients want. Out of the 33 different types of reel to reel tape that RMGi currently manufactures, we stock three types:

RMGI part# Type and size Price in CDN $
34130 SM911 1/4″ x 2500′ 10.5? pancake with hub $55.00
34511 LPR35 1/4″ X 1800′ 7″ reel box $45.00
34220 SM911 1/2″ X 2500′ 10.5″ metal reel box $135.00

We discount the tape by $3.00/box if you buy three or more reels, you can mix and match.

Note that it may seem cheaper to buy RMGi tape out of the US, but by the time you add shipping into Canada, duty (the tape is made in France), and customs clearance charges, we beat the US pricing by 5-20%.

We do have access to the other 30 different tape types made by RMGi, so if you’re looking for 1″ or 2” tape, we can get it in special order, which takes about 10 days. 1” tape is sold in cartons of 4, 2” tape comes in cartons of 2 tapes/box.

We use RMGi tape on our test bench to align decks with, and it is superb quality. It is roughly equivalent to Ampex 499, which is better than the more common Ampex 456. Whether you have an entry level home recorder or high end studio machine, the RMGi will make your deck sing, and it is not prone to any of the SSS problems with older used tape.

Depending on what we get in, we do sometimes have used reels of tape at discounted prices, and we usually have rolls of splicing tape on hand as well. Give us an email or a phone call to see if we’ve got something in stock!